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What is the Good Cashmere Standard?

The Good Cashmere Standard® is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation. It was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating, promoting and implementing a benchmark standard for sustainable cashmere.

The Standard incorporates the Five Freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council. The Good Cashmere Standard follows three main principles: promote animal welfare in cashmere production, support cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income and protect the environment.


Animal welfare is at the heart of The Good Cashmere Standard, which is why it incorporates the Five Freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council. No animal should be subjected to hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease. Animals must also have the freedom to express normal behaviour and live a life free from fear and distress. The Good Cashmere Standard contains clear and comprehensive criteria regarding:

feed, water and nutrition

indoor/outdoor living environment

health, herd, breeding and kid management

physical alterations

combing and shearing

handling and transport

euthanasia and slaughter


Farmers must ensure that persons who work with goats are trained and competent enough to do so. Additionally, it requires that goat farming activities protect the land and do not cause pollution.

In addition, farmers must co-exist with wildlife and not negatively impact biodiversity on and around the areas they manage. Above that, the Standard defines social criteria for both small and large farms. These criteria govern issues such as the rights of children and workers, gender equality, correct payment as well as health and safety.


The protection of the environment in which cashmere goats, farmers and farming communities live is one of the central aims of The Good Cashmere Standard. One of its key principles in this regard is that goat farming should have no negative impact on the environment, especially on the land and biodiversity.

Being awarded the GCS certification means we have a continual dialogue with experts along the textile supply chain, and serves as a benchmark to reassure our customers Consinee cashmere is sustainably and responsibly produced.