• 100% Cashmere yarn

    Main products: woolen, worsted, semi worsted


  • Cashmere blended yarn

    annual output of woolen yarns :2000 t;


  • Other yarns

    All natural fiber yarn with merino wool, silk, cotton, yak, camel, racoon, linen etc.


Products Quality

Consinee Group, a well- known supplier in the world cashmere industry, provides high quality cashmere yarns to the world top brand market with annual capacity 7000tons accounting for more than 15%-20% of the cashmere production in the world.
The Best Raw Materials:

At CONSINEE we use only the very best premium natural fibres in our all our yarns, with cashmere the core of our collection. 

The most Advanced Production Equipments:
We have the most advanced flow lines of dyeing, spinning, fancy yarn and intelligent dyeing machines from Italy.
ISO9001,14001, OEKO-TEX100 Accreditation

Contact Us

Consinee Group Co., Ltd.
E-mail: wangxiao@consinee.com.cn
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About Us

Consinee Group was founded in July 2000, which is a group company integrating the design, development, production, logistics, import and export of dyeing, woolen fabrics, worsted fabrics, semi worsted fabrics, novelty yarn, and polymer materials (special yarns). The company provides more than 3,500 tons of yarn to the specialized high-end market The company provides more than 3,500 tons of yarn to the specialized high-end market annually, wherein the amount of natural cashmere yarn exceeds 1500 tons, accounting for more than 10% of the cashmere production in the world, which has established the company's position as China's largest company in the area of cashmere yarn exports...more