the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Advantages of Knitting with Cashmere Yarn

1 - Excellent Insulator

Cashmere knitting yarn is up to eight timeswarmer than ordinary wool yarn. The fine fiber structure prevents air from goingthrough the garment, and therefore holding on to your body heat.

Unlike other types of yarn, the cashmerewool can be used in warm summer conditions as a light cardigan or scarf alongwith the summers thin skirts, shirts, and dresses.

A high moisture content allows insulationproperties to change with the relative humidity in the air. This makes cashmerewool ideal for wearing in all types of climates.

That is how the cashmere goat survives theconditions of the Himalayan mountains, where the winters are icy, and thesummers are roasting hot.

This form of variation in temperaturesforces the cashmere goat to produce a naturally delicate, soft and warm underfleece. Therefore, cashmere is not labeled to either a winter or summer type ofyarn, but will be a comfortable garment throughout the year.

2 - Soft

The hairs from the cashmere goat are seventimes thinner than sheep wool, which makes it finer and softer.

3 - Easily Dyed

You can buy cashmere yarn for knittingprojects with the cashmere’s natural color, which are white, brown and gray.

Cashmere can be dyed any fashionable colorwith ease and without compromising the quality.

4 - Lightweight & Elegant

100% cashmere is very lightweight and notbulky or chunky in any way. It is one of the reasons why it is such a favoritematerial for the fashion industry. It is very feminine and comfortable withoutbeing overly bulky.

5 - Elastic

When knitting with cashmere yarn, it isflexible and stretchy making it a beautiful textile to knit.