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Baby Cashmere- the most Precious Cashmere Fibre

Many people know that Shahtoosh, known as the “King of Wool”, has an unparalleled feeling of comfort and emanates absolute elegance. It has always been used by the nobility and is widely sought by people all over the world who are pursuing extremely good quality. That makes people have great longing for it. However, as the Tibetan antelope is facing an extinction crisis, it has been designated as an endangered species and is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Commercial trading for Shatush has always been considered illegal and prohibited.

On the vast expanse of the Inner Mongolian prairie, Consinee keeps exploring rare animal fiber as a substitute for Shahtoosh and pursuing the ultimate beauty of cashmere quality. Arbas cashmere is named the "fibre gem" with its quality of being white as snow, light as cloud and fine as silk, while the bottom velvet of the lamb is a unique high-quality natural fiber. Known for its superfine, soft fiber texture, it is one of the rarest and precious fibers in the world. It comes from the hair of the bottom of a 3 to 12 –month-old goat lamb. A goat can only be brushed once in its childhood. Its average diameter is much better than traditional cashmere. It is the first brushed cashmere that can be called Baby Cashmere, and the amount from each goat lamb is only about 30 grams.

When late spring and early summer comes every year, the goat lambs begin to molt naturally. It is the season of collecting cashmere. When the lambs are no more than 12 months old, the herdsman gently brush their hair without any harm. Then we get the rare, precious and natural baby cashmere fiber, which is the first and only time fibre of baby goat.

As a substitute for Shatush, Consine's Baby Cashmere yarn, which is made with unique and innovative textile technology, create a unique and distinctive baby cashmere products. Baby cashmere not only presents incredible lightness and fullness, but also shows its particular grace and luxury with the unparalleled softness and warmth of the texture.

Years of focus on the exploration of cashmere raw material and research of spinning technology is the key to Consinee’s success. The quality assurance of luxury is the foundation of Consinee. Through the strict selection of the highest quality cashmere raw material and the quality control of the manufacturing process, Consinee is steadily moving forward in the luxury market.