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Tips for Identification of real and fake cashmere

                                      It is not always easy to identify real cashmere yarn and the fake ones. There are several tips that we can refer to identify real cashmere.

1.To touch:Cashmere fibre is very fine, so it feels very smooth and quite comfortable. Some cashmere sweaters in shopping malls feel smooth when touch it, but there is still a feeling of smooth in finger after rubbing. That means people sprinkle talcum powder on those garments.

2.To grab:Wool is medullary and solid, while cashmere is unmyelinated, which makes it quite elastic. If you grab cashmere with your hand, you will feel as elastic as glutinous rice.

3. To release:Grab a handful of cashmere. Because cashmere is animal protein, so it is difficult to wrinkle and will immediately restore to flat after releasing.

4. To weigh in the hand:Weigh a cashmere sweater in the hand. If it is too light, this means the content may be discounted, or the weaving density is not tight enough. But if it is too heavy, perhaps it is mixed with wool.

5.To burn:When cashmere burns, it not only emits the scorching odor of protein and flint, but also burns slowly. The ashes after burning show powdery shape and break easily when touched. When the wool burns, it also has the odour of protein and flint, but if it is mixed with chemical fibers, it shrinks into hard sphere shape rapidly due to combustion.