the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The maintain and washing of cashmere products

Due to the physical properties of pilling and static electricity that wool and cashmere, we shall pay attention to our daily wearing. The inner lining of the coat needs to be as smooth as possible when it is worn inside, and we should try to minimize the friction between the garments and other things, especially for the sleeves and the back. In addition, do not wear for too long time. In order to restore the elasticity of the fiber, it is better to be changed every 10 days.

2.  Storage

Before cashmere products are stored for next season,they must be washed or dry-cleaned,ironed and aired first. The clothes bag shall be put as flat as possible in avoid of deformation. In addition, the storage environment should be ventilated, cool, mildew proof and be kept dry.

3. Washing

Machine wash, over-rubbing and over-twisting will make cashmere and wool products felting and destroy their excellent properties, so dry cleaning is the best. Blended products can be washed by hand. When the garments are mildly smudged, use neutral detergent to gently rub. After washing, put them in a clothing bag and dehydrate for 1-2 minutes. Spread out to dry it in the air. Then iron at the temperate of 120 degree ~140 degree with steam irons. Don’t expose to the sun.