the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere is not easy to obtain- to know the processing of cashmere material

The process of cashmere material mainly includes three steps: collecting, dehairing and washing.


Collecting usually begins from late spring to early summer. When the hair of goats’ heads starts to shed, it is time to comb the hair. On a clean and bright field, the herdsmen cut out long hair and remove the clutter carefully on the coating of hair such as grass with sparse combs along the direction of hair. Then they use a special comb to comb the goat opposite the direction of the hair. The herdsmen collect the raw cashmere softly near the skin with even effort. After that, the raw cashmere is soaked in the water for some time and then washed and dried naturally.

2. Dehairing

Firstly, open the collected cashmere. Then proceed with further opening, dehairing, refining and removing coarse hair. After those steps we get light and soft dehaired cashmere.


Put the dehaired cashmere in washing pools with certain temperature and sork it evenly. In this way tiny impurity can be wiped off to make the cashmere softer and purer. After drying we can get the cashmere which we are familiar with.