the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
About Cashmere Price: What we should mention about?

Many clients focus on cashmere unit price.However, the higher the price, the better the quality of the goods. The most important point for cashmere is quality and count

1)  Different count cashmere yarn has different prices. Many people like ask what is your unit price for  pure cashmere yarn now? Sorry,we need know what count and gauge of cashmere yarn you need firstly? 12gg,14gg, 18gg or so on?

2)  Then is about the cashmere quantity. What fineness of cashmere yarn do you need? The thinner of cashmere yarn, the better quantity will be. Consinee cashmere yarn has less than 15.5un for fineness. Compared with 16.0um in usual market, Consinee has much higher quality.

3)   Brand. Why people like choose famous brand to purchase? Not only is the quality guaranteed, but also represents a certain position in this industry, so many people are willing topay for the brand. Consinee brand of cashmere in the high visibility at home and abroad, but also known for its quality, but also among the best in the industry

Below are two recommend yarns:

Aurora: Nm2/26 100%cashmere  12gauge-flat knitting

Hestia Nm2/16 70%Mer.wool 30%cashmere  12gauge-flat knitting