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There is great difference from cashmere and wool

What is difference between cashmere and wool? Cashmere comes from goat while wool comes from sheep. Each sheep can produce several kilos wool while cashmere is collected from the under hair of goat and each can only produce about 50-60grams cashmere fibre. It need the material from five goat to produce a piece of cashmere sweater. The warm keeping ability of cashmere sweater is much better than that of wool sweater. Cashmere knitwear is lighter and softer than wool knitwear.

Cashmere is much more precious than wool. There is also different grade for wool. Virgin wool refer to the wool fistly sheered from sheep and it is much softer and precious. Lambswool refer to the wool sheered from baby sheep about seven mouth’s old which is most similar to cashmere. The wool blend yarn in our company is mainly merino wool yarn from Australia.