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Cashmere and alpaca

Cashmere and alpaca are both very precious natural fibre material. Which is better? Cashmere is a traditional textile material for luxury knitting. It is loved for its softness and warmness.

Alpaca is actually a close cousin to the llamas and camels. Just like in the case of cashmere, people in Peru have used alpaca fiber to make clothes for hundreds of years. So, it took a while before the fashionist as from around the globe have realized that they can use this material for luxurious clothes. Even though there were some efforts to popularize alpaca in the past, cashmere was always considered to be more luxurious. However, with the involvement of high-end designers things have changed. Some people consider alpaca to be a little bit softer, more luxurious and trendy, lighter and even warmer than cashmere.

Finally, this is a more sustainable material.There is no doubt that both cashmere and alpaca are materials that have extraordinary characteristics.

If you ask experts, some of them might say that cashmere is better while others will opt for alpaca. What is really important to understand is that not all of these materials have the same quality. For instance, there is 100% cashmere and there is cashmere with lower quality.

On the other hand, there is two breeds of Alpacas Suri and Huacaya and the fibers of these breeds have different characteristics.

So, sometimes cashmere is better than alpaca and vice versa.

The good news is that both of these materials are available online and you don’t have to pay a small fortune to buy clothes made of these materials so you can personally try which one suits you the best. Consinee group produce both high quality cashmere yarn and alpaca yarn. You can visit to learn more about the alpaca yarn.