the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Tips about caring your cashmere products

Cashmere products are delicate and luxurious products which need lots of special attention to care for them. Consinee group is  professional enterprise specializing cashmere yarn and let us to tell your some tips to care for cashmere products.

•Don't wear the same garment too frequently. Allow the garment two or three days' rest after a day's wearing.

•A silk scarf goes well with cashmere tops and cardigans and can protect your sweater if worn between your neck and garment. A scarf will also prevent powder or other cosmetics stains.

•Do not wear a cashmere garment next to rough clothing, metal necklaces, bracelets, belts and rough leather items such as crocodile leather bags. Dress up your cashmere with a silk scarf and pearl accessories instead of accessories with a rough surface.

•Pilling is caused by abrasion during regular use. It often develops around elbows, under the arms, and in areas rubbed by a handbag or purse. Soft, fuzzy garments are more susceptible than others. So for cashmere fabrics, some pilling is normal after repeated usage.

•To avoid pilling, it is important not to allow the cashmere garment to rub against rough clothing, metal accessories, bags, belts, jewelry or seat belts..

•To remove pills, just manually pick them off. Do not rub or brush a cashmere garment

- jason