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Why cashmere pills easily?

We all know cashmere pills easily, do you know Factors that influences the pilling of cashmere.

Cashmere fibre length: cashmere products made from long fibre pills less then short fibre cashmere products because the fibre ends in unit length of the former is less than the later. And the holding strength between the fibre is larger.

Cashmere fibre thickness: cashmere products made from thick cashmere fibre pills less easily than thinner cashmere fibre.

The curl degree of the fibre: the fibre is more curly it is less easily to get pill. Because the holding length and the friction force is larger, the fibres are not easy to drift away the fabric surface.

The structure of the texture: cashmere knitwear pills easier than weaving cashmere products. The finishing treatment and wearing customs also influence the pilling degree of cashmere.

Twist of cashmere: in order to get better hand feel the twist of cashmere yarn should not be too high. The higher of the twist, the better of the anti-pilling degree.

The fulling craft: there is fulling craft in the finishing of cashmere knitwear production which is to make cashmere knitwear soft and fluffy. if it is over fulling treated there is much fibres in the surface and the fabric is easier to get pill.