the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Several facts about cashmere

Cashmere, refer to the inner hair of cashmere goat, which grows in cold fall winter and fall off in spring summer around May.

Before cashmere fall off the will grab the hair with special comb. Then the hair is sourced, washed and combed to become raw material that can be used in spinning. The largest cashmere production area is China and Mongolia. Even though cashmere is named after Kashmir in India, this area produces very small quantity cashmere material. Besides, Iran, Afghanistan and New Zealand also produce small quantity cashmere.

Cashmere is produced by goat while wool comes from sheep. Wool material is cut from sheep in spring and its production quantity is much higher than cashmere and price is much cheaper. The biggest difference of cashmere and wool is their hand feel. Many people know most wool clothes is not suitable for wearing next to skin because wool material is thicker and harsher than cashmere. While cashmere fibre is very soft and thinner with good hand feel.

There are two simple ways to choose high quality cashmere. High quality cashmere is of very good hand feel and when you touch it to you face it is very soft and not inch. If you draw the cashmere it will return to its original shape very soon.