the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Comfortable summer accompanying with cashmere

Many people think we should wear cool T-shirt and skirt made from cotton, silk, linen or other material instead of cashmere material in summer. Even you like cashmere product very much you might put your cashmere knitwear away in summer. Cashmere is famous for its warmness and comfort and is the best material for cold winter and people think cashmere should not be used in spring summer.

In fact people also wear cashmere in spring summer in Europe. They wear elegant cashmere scarf, light cashmere shirt or cardigan. Are they hot? Of course not, cashmere knitwear can be worn in all the seasons because cashmere processed with different spinning craft can be used in different seasons. Jason liu from Ningbo Consinee group tell you high count pure cashmere and silk cashmere yarn can be used in spring summer.

Silk cashmere products are made from spun silk or cashmere and they can improve the function of the knitwear by keeping softness and classic of cashmere while overcome the shortage of pilling. Silk cashmere knitwear is more comfortable and higher grade material in spring summer.

People need a comfortable and pretty cardigan made from silk cashmere yarn in cool air-conditioned room. You will feel neither cold nor hot with it.