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What is Difference between Worsted Cashmere and Woolen Cashmere?

In the purchase of cashmere yarn if you are also into the misunderstanding that the more expensive the better. In fact, the cashmere yarn is woolen, semi-worsted, worsted points, and most of the market to woolen, worsted majority. This article introduces the difference of the worst cashmere and woolen cashmere.

Worsted cashmere products are generally 14gauge, 16gauge or 18gauge loom production, yarn fine, finished with silk luster, very smooth, looks more detailed. And woolen cashmere products more use of 12 gauge knitting machine production, mostly use with 9gauge, 7gauge, 5 gauge knitting machine production, hair fullness, feel smooth waxy; used to textile worsted cashmere products of the original length of the requirements, 30mm or even 40mm or more, 1 kg of cashmere can be used to do worsted cashmere products do not exceed 200 grams, so the price of worsted cashmere products are also much higher than the price of woolen cashmere products; worsted cashmere than woolen wool more fine , Therefore, worsted cashmere products are not easy to play the ball, supply and demand is more superior.

Cashmere is grown in the outer surface of the goat, covered in the root of the goat coarse hair layer of thin velvet, winter cold grow out, to resist the cold, spring after the fall off, naturally adapt to the climate, are rare special animal fiber. Cashmere is very precious, not only because of the production of scarce, more importantly. Its excellent quality and characteristics of the transaction to grams of price is considered to be "fiber gem", "fiber queen", is currently available to all human Textile raw materials are incomparable, and therefore also known as "soft gold". About 70% of the world's cashmere produced in China, its quality is better than other countries.

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