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What is the difference of cashmere and wool?

Cashmere and wool is totally different two natural fibre. Cashmere is much more luxurious fibre than wool. But some people do not take wool fibre as cashmere wrongly. So do you know the difference below wool and cashmere?

1.Different origin: cashmere and wool grows from different animals. Cashmere is collected from goat, while wool is from sheep.

2.Different collect methods: wool fibre is sheered from sheep with scissor while cashmere is combed from goat with special tool. Each sheep can produce several kilos wool fibre which a adult goat can only produce around 50-100 grams cashmere fibre.  

3.Different fineness: the average diameter of cashmere is from 14 to 17 microns, which wool fibre is much thicker.

4.Different structure: the squama of wool fibre is sharp while it is round for that of cashmere. There is no medulla for cashmere.

5.Different features: the heat retention property of cashmere is 1.5 to 2 times tha that of wool. Cashmere is much softer and more lustrous. If there is crumble in cashmere sweater it can disappear after hanging a night. Cashmere clothes would not shrink.