the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
What is the main factor that affects cashmere quality?

When refers to 100% cashmere people would doubt if it is 100% cashmere. Because there is so many fake cashmere in the market. We Consinee and Top Line only produce real cashmere and natural fibre yarn. You can come to professional test laboratory to test it. Even for real cashmere, there is quality difference. Then do you know what is main factor that influences cashmere quality?

First, the diameter of cashmere fibre is very important. It decides the hand feel and comfort of cashmere knitwear. Consinee choose best cashmere material no more than 15.5 micron while the average fineness of other suppliers is 16.0 or 16.5 micron. If you pay much attention to the cheap price it is hard to get high quality cashmere.

Second, the purity of cashmere is also very important. Only the yarn with over 95% cashmere fibre can be called pure cashmere. Our cashmere content is over 95% mostly 98% 99% even 100% by test. You can also see anti-pilling cashmere yarn in market, in fact there contains anti-pilling acrylic not real pure cashmere. If you buy cashmere sweater that does not pill anyway, you should doubt if it is real pure cashmere.

Last, you should consider the spinning equipments and environment. If the spinning environment is bad the raw material will be polluted. Consinee yarn is produced by most advanced Italy equipments under constant temperature and moisture.our yarn is of very good and steady quality.

If you still have question about our cashmere yarn you can contact with me by mail: or tel. No.68 574 83063229.