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What is Cashmere? Why Cashmere is So Expensive?

   Cashmere(Cashmere Hair abbreviation as WS) is also called as goat cashmere, and is thick soft hair close to the growth of goat epidermis. The goat's fluffy fibers consist of a scaly layer and a cortical layer. Cashmere scales are ring, and the edge is smoother. Scales density is 70 to 80 / (usually fine woolfor 60 to 70 / mm) and scales tightly dry hair, and open angle is smaller. The cashmere cross section has a regular circular shape, better than the fineness of the fine wool. So cashmere fiber is shiny, feel smooth, which is the characteristics wool fiber does not have. As the cashmere in the fiber structure is no hair, its warmth is better than wool.The advantage is delicate, light, soft, good warm and so on.


    Today we had received an e-mail from an Italian customer, who has a saying that several buyers sincerely recommend that our company is China's largest cashmere yarn export enterprises. If we can establish a good business relationship he is grateful. In this case, I am proud of Consinee Group. According to statistics, the annual production of cashmere in the world is 10,000 to 12,000 tons, while Chinese cashmere production accounts for about 70% of the world's cashmere output. Consinee is Chinese largest cashmere yarn export enterprises, so you can imagine Consinee exports how many tons of cashmere yarn each year. We can see that this data is still very impressive. So while looking for cashmere, Consinee is the best choice.


    One goat can only produce 50g to 80g cashmere each year. In other words, five goats for a year producing the cashmere can only make an ordinary cashmere sweater. Cashmere has less output, high prices, is known as "soft gold". Cashmere first produced in the Asian Kashmir region, and the international market used to claim cashmere as "cashmere" (Cashmere transliteration). Cashmere is generally used for the production of cashmere sweater, scarves, gloves and other knitwear and high-grade woolen coats and so on.


    According to the color of cashmere can be divided into three kinds: white cashmere,velvet, and purple velvet. White cashmere is light green and gray, and is crystal sugar color, fiber slender, strong pull. Pure cashmere rate is high and cannot have variegated hairpin in white cashmere.Velvet is light green and gray, long fiber, but thick, large pull, good gloss, and allowing a small amount of black hair. Purple velvet color is purple brown, soft and long fiber, oil and delicate, large pull, good luster, with high cashmere, which allows white, green, red cashmere folder. As the white cashmere can be dyed many other colors, white cashmere has highest price. But sometimes because of supply and demand in market, purple price is higher.


    Cashmere, everyone knows that is the synonym of precious, but not everyone knows that this is actually a very scarce raw material. The world's annual output is only 5 million kilograms. The world'sbest cashmere produced in Mongolia, where the cashmere is better than Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey, and India. Because the Kashmir goat here to resist the harsh climate of Mongolia, the goat will grow two layers of wool, a layer is in the outer layer which is composed of thicker wool. While the other layer is grown in the goat's skin layer, by a layer thin villi, known as the fluff layer. Only with the fluff layer of fluff can be processed cashmere. If you cannot understand how luxurious it is, try to imagine that each goat can only contribute 100grams cashmere each year. So the facts are enough to make you understand the precious. Precious also means that the price will not be low, so we have acertain concept yet? If you need to continue to explore this issue, please call: 0574-83063230. We are waiting for you.