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All Cashmere Will Can Be Pillings?

    Recently, customers are very sincere to ask us that if all cashmere are pilling or not and no matter how to care will there be balls? My answer is yes. Not only cashmere balling is a century problem, but also a worldwide problem plagued the world. So it will be pilling for pure cashmere. Pilling of cashmere is really a normal phenomenon. No need to doubt the pilling cashmere composition of true and false.

    Not to say that is not good pilling of cashmere. Traditionally, as long as the cashmere pilling, the cashmere is low and not good. Mention of pilling problems, people will also feel sniff and believes it is bad quality. In fact, this concept is wrong. In the face of pilling problem, we need have correct thought.

    Below is some prevention to have certain effect of pilling:

    1, In the process of fabric, as well aspossible fabric density control, reasonable density, can effectively control the ball.

    2, Avoid soaking while washing. Then flatto dry and avoid direct sunlight.

    3, As far as possible to avoid strong friction, it is best to avoid wear out.