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The differences among cashmere、angora and mink cashmere

Among cashmereangora and mink cashmere,cashmere’s qualityis best.And cashmere yarn is a little expensive than others.Because cashmerefiber is longer and softer,best heat retention property and lightestweight,also low output.One goat only can produce 50-80grams cashmere eachyear,and the cashmere of five goat is enough to make a cashmere sweater oneyear.Angora and mink cashmere’s hair are longer and easy to shed relatively,butcashmere does not have this kind of phenomenon.Angora and mink cashmere canproduce some long hair style,but cashmere is difficult to achieve.

1、 Cashmere:Cashmere grows in goat’sepi-cuticle.It’s a thin layer of fine hair covering goats’ coarse roots.Itgrows in the cold winter and withstand cold,it is adapted to climate and fallsoff in the warm spring.It belongs to rare animal fiber.Cashmere is precious notonly because of its low output,more important also its excellent quality andfeatures.Cashmere is sold in grams,and it’s seen by some people as”fiber jewel”,”fiberqueen”.

2、 Angora:Angora is fine hair in the rabbitroot of rabbits.Angora has fine fiber,strong fluffy touch and neat,bright,cleansurface scales.

3、 Mink cashmere:Male mink fur is big andfat,dressed heavy.Female mink is softer and lighter to wear with more dosage. Thefemale mink body is narrow and small.It has short hair,the hair is close andlightsome with glossy surface.