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Take good care of your cashmere sweater during summer

Should take good care of your cashmeresweater in summer seasons

Summer coming silently, went to the skirtflying seasons. It also means that we had the whole winter warm thick cashmeresweater to temporarily lie back in the wardrobe. Want the cashmere sweater tobe well prepared in this summer? So, let's come and learn about the cashmerecare knowledge of it!

1.      Deal with the pilling

High quality cashmere is soft and delicate,better exchanged in no more than two days wearing. Paired wearing with smoothinside coat, to avoid frequent friction with raw materials, to prevent cashmerefiber, reduce pilling.

If your cashmere garments have been pillingphenomenon, do not forcibly ripped off, resulting in off-line and cannot berepaired. In general, pilling rates of a good quality cashmere sweater is verylow. If there has been just started to pilling slightly, gently brushed themwith soft brush.

You can treat the pilling cashmere with adedicated "Lint remover", shaved small piling balls and avoid damagecaused by improper operation.

2.      Cleaning

Wash cashmere with warm water, the watertemperature must not exceed 30 , using cashmere special washing liquid or neutral detergentsolution, to protect the natural quality of cashmere. Immersed cashmere sweaterin water, gently rub 2-5 minutes.

Remember, not to wring cashmere sweater afterwashing, but to put it in a laundry bag and dehydrate in the washing machine for2 minutes, then dried flat.

3.       Ironing

Cashmere products need to be stored at the beginningof the spring, in addition to cleaning, we need to iron before stored them inthe wardrobe, iron can prevent the cashmere from deformation.

To avoid scorch the cashmere, Steam ironingwith the plate temperature no higher than 140 . Keep a distance ofabout 1 cm between the irons and the cashmere during the ironing. Or just coverthe cashmere sweater with a damp cloth.

Do not put the finished ironing clothes inthe closet immediately, but to dry on the balcony, to prevent the preciouscashmere from moldy.

4.      Housing

High-quality cashmere sweater like a baby'sskin which is soft, smooth and elastic, in order to ensure their originalappearance, before collection, need pay attention to follows:

When cashmere products stored should befolded, bag flat, should not hang, so as not to drape deformation of cashmerefiber, and to avoid mixed with other items with bags.

Stored the cashmere products in the shadow,so it will not fading.

Inaddition, since cashmere is a kind of natural fiber, contains many naturalproteins, so it is easy to be moth-eaten. In order to prevent this, afterdrying off cashmere products, then put them into a clean plastic bag togetherwith anti moth tablets. Do not forget to put moth tablets into the wardrobe, butavoid direct contact with the cashmere sweater.

At the end, I wish your cashmere a safesummer!