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How to select cashmere products

Cashmereproducts have good characteristics. Although its price is high, it is stillpopular with more and more consumers. Therefore, when we buy cashmere products,we should know the characteristics of the product, such as smoothness, soft,tenderness, etc. But it is difficult for most of the consumers to identify thestand or fall of cashmere products masterly through hand feeling and visualinspection. Accordingly, consumers should pay attention to the followingseveral aspects when selecting cashmere products.

1.      identification

According to theregulation, cashmere sweater’s label has to indicate the cashmere content. Thehigher cashmere content, the higher price will be. What we need to note here iscashmere content must be more than 30% and it can be called a cashmere sweateraccording to government policy. Cashmere content in more than 95% can belabeled for 100% cashmere sweater.

2.      firmness and abrasiveresistance

In general, firmnessand abrasive resistance of cashmere and wool blended product is stronger andbetter than pure cashmere, so with a certain percentage of the blended wool ismuch stronger; The price of pure cashmere is high, but it’s not strong enough, andabrasive resistance of it is worse than woolen sweater .However, itswearability is better than blended product, so we can choose products accordingto individual needs.

3.      Weight

The same size ofcashmere sweater and wool sweater, the former is significantly lighter than thelatter.

A. Some manufacturers use worsted circular machine knitting fabric, afterfulling the sweater is made of to replace cashmere sweater. This kind ofsweater feels thick and soft, and it’s very different to the thin and delicatefeatures of cashmere sweater, we should pay more attention to distinguish.

  B. For the cashmere sweater with very low price on the market, one kindis the real thing cashmere sweater on sale due to short in size and out offashion style; One is a blended sweater with certain cashmere blended wool. Thelower the cashmere content, the lower the price; The worst one is one whichdoesn’t contain cashmere completely. The better one is replaced by woolsweater(cashmere is from goats and sheep has no cashmere),the worse one doesn’teven have high wool content. So we should pay more attention when choosing andbuying sweaters.