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How to wash cashmere scarf

Cashmere is a very precious textile material, less content, high quality, expensive. Enjoys "soft gold" laudatory in the international market. So precious scarf is need to take a good care, so, today we will take about how to wash cashmere scarf.
1、First, put them in 35 degrees water, soaked with neutral lotion for 15 minutes-20 minutes. Do not use the enzyme or bleaching of chemical additives containing and shampoo, to prevent it from erosion or fade.
2、 Gently washed, cannot rub to avoid pilling or felting.

3. Multicolor cashmere scarves should not be soaked for a long time, different colored cashmere scarf should not be washed together, in order to avoid cross color.
4、Wash in the warm water 35 ℃ -40 ℃ two or three times , add some vinegar or softener into the water, to keep its comfortable hand feelings. And then, put the cashmere scarf on the swash plate lightly and pressure out the water by hand. You can also using washing machine dehydration cylinder, but you need put them into cloth bags. The tile dry, do not hang them up, to avoid distortion.
5、Pave the scarf in accordance with the pre cut paper clothing board. Before iron steam, put a wet towel on the mat. Iron with the middle temperature (140 degrees Celsius). Iron should not be directly contact with the cashmere scarf.