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How to choose the best cashmere sweater yarn?

   Sweater is truly an essential item for winter and cashmere sweater is the most comfortable and precious one in no doubt. Of all the yarn types, cashmere is especially valued for its softness and rich, natural colors. There are many different kinds of cashmere yarns including 100%cashmere and cashmere blends. Even all 100%cashmere yarn types, they have gig differences according to different yarn manufacturers.

   When choosing the best cashmere sweater yarn, it's a good idea to knit smaller projects such as a piece of swatch or scarf so you can try out different cashmere yarns before knitting larger projects such as sweaters.

   It's best if you can visit and purchase cashmere yarn in factories to feel the texture of different cashmere yarns, but if you’re buying online, you may be able to convince the company to send you a few yarn samples for quality reference first.

   Compare the prices of cashmere yarn between factories, but also get the information of the cashmere material that the yarn made up of, such as the fiber thickness, width, etc. To get this information, to make sure the quality is the same or better. Actually, material determines the quality of cashmere yarn. Consinee cashmere yarns only select the best cashmere material from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Qinghai to insure the yarn quality. For example, NM2/26 100% cashmere yarn AURORA from Consinee, it's made from cashmere fiber fineness ≤15.5μm and length from 34mm to 36mm, however, many other cashmere yarn factories normally just use cashmere fiber fineness thicker than 16.0μm.

   Many customers fall in love with Consinee best quality cashmere knitting yarn--100% baby cashmere yarn, and the average micron of the baby cashmere fiber that Consinee used is 13um to 14um and the length is from 34mm to 36 mm making baby cashmere noticeably warmer and softer than even the best traditional cashmere. Of course, such a luxury cashmere yarn is always more expensive but it is indeed worthy as the best cashmere yarn.