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How to decontaminate the cashmere product?

There are some tips to decontaminate the cashmere product with different kinds of stains.
Coffee or Black Tea: wring and dry the towel with water, then wipe the stain immediately. When coffee with milk, use a small amount of detergent for help. If it doesn’t work, wipe the stain by Vinegar.
Ice cream: Firstly, brush off the stem of the part with a small brush; secondly, brush it carefully with lotion; at last, wipe it gently with wet towel.
Fruit juice: use a cloth to wipe with warm water; if there is a residual stain, you can wipe it with lotion.
Wine or Perfume: Firstly sprinkle a little salt on the stain in order to prevent spreading; secondly, brush it carefully; then, use towel to wipe it with water, lotion or alcohol.
Lipstick or Foundation: use a tissue to wipe; then wipe it with lotion. Be attention to wipe it from the outside to the inside to avoid the lipstick stain range becoming larger.
Ink: use a tissue to wipe; then wipe it repeatedly with Vinegar or Oxalic acid.
Mike pen or Roller pen: just deal with it as same as the Fruit juice stain.
Blood: after wiping it with tissue, use the double fluorine liquid to continue decontaminating and it can clean the blood stain stick on over a long period of time.