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It is natural and normal for cashmere product to get pilling

In our daily life, some people have a prejudice that the pilling cashmere product is bad or even fake. In fact, the absolutely no pilling for cashmere garment is impossible.

Because cashmere fiber is thin, soft and slippery. To get better effect of this natural fiber, the smart cashmere yarn manufacturer adds the Fulling-Process into the processing of cashmere yarn. So that the cashmere product made up of this special cashmere yarn can be softer feel.

If the suede of cashmere product is too small, the hand feel will be very poor. And this is also a good method to distinguish between the good cashmere product and the bad one. Therefore, it is actually necessary to have a layer of fluff on the surface of cashmere product. But just because of this, it is naturally and normally pilling after a high rate of usage.

Generally speaking, if the cashmere product is pilling, there is no more worry. You can gently cut off the local pilling balls with scissor and that does not affect the wearing effect. To avoid damaging the fiber, even leading to holes, remember never just holding up the pilling balls by hand. If it happened, such as the emergence of holes or line, you can get help from the manufacturer or after-sales service to repair it.