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What kinds of cashmere is the best?

Cashmere can be divided into many kinds according to the natural colors, for example, white cashmere, grey cashmere and brown cashmere. Do these colorful cashmere types only differ in color?

Of course not, these different natural colors cashmere kinds are from different types of goats. All of them are rare and expensive. So what kinds of cashmere is the best?

The answer is the white cashmere. As its name implies, the white cashmere comes from the white goat. The global main cashmere producing area is the Inner Mongolia of China. And the Aerbasi White Cashmere goat is the most well-known. This kind of white cashmere is superior in many respects, including the fineness, length, strength, contractility and gloss. Our Consinee cashmere yarn material mainly comes from this kind of high quality white cashmere.

The grey cashmere does not come from purple goat, and it belongs to black goat in fact. The grey cashmere in Uxin Banner is better than other grey ones, with shining purple color, long and thin fiber, nice gloss, softness, good strength; it is widely welcomed in many areas. But this kind of cashmere cannot be bleached and it is highly limited in dyeing.

The brown cashmere is not real brown and it comes from two kinds of goats. One is in black and white, and the other one is in brownish red exactly. So this kind of brown cashmere just looks like brown color to some extent, and it also has nice gloss, good strength with long and thick fiber.