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How to judge the quality of cashmere product?

Most of cashmere products are expensive; and there are some cashmere products which is lower price. What’s the difference? Or why some of them are cheaper?

As known to all, cheap stuff is always in bad quality, that is to say, you get what you pay for. Even sometimes you buy not good cashmere products with higher price. You're going to want to avoid that.  So how do we do? There are three tips that can help you.

First, choose the right brand. If you choose a good brand which is paying more attention to credibility, quality and reputation, you can save a lot of trouble and any menace from the “rear”.

Second, check the quality more carefully. The appearance of superior cashmere product is soft, rich luster, Suede fullness, a good sense of wool and high-grade luxurious, with a layer of fine cashmere milling on the surface.

Third, pay attention to the feel. The superior cashmere product is very soft with a good affinity for the skin and no tingling sensations which is different from the feel of wool. Cashmere product is fluffy, and has excellent flexibility and very light weight.