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How to select cashmere sweater?

Cashmere sweater is better selling now although it’s so expensive. Of course, before enjoying its warmth and beauty, we should know how to select the real and high quality cashmere sweater, and in fact, low quality even fake cashmere sweaters are cheating us anywhere.

There are four methods to select cashmere sweater.
First, Identify by Trademark. This is a method commonly used, because it’s very simple. By viewing the trademark information of cashmere sweater, we can get the Percentage of the cashmere fiber quantity, 100% or not. Exactly, if it is not reached 95%, is unqualified.
Second, Identify through Firmness and Abrasion-Resistant. The Abrasion-Resistant of pure cashmere sweater is lower than the cashmere blends sweater, according to this point, we can identify immediately and quickly.
Third, Identify by softness. The cashmere sweater has its unique softness, and generally the wool sweater doesn't have such touch feeling.
Forth, Identify by weight. The cashmere sweater is lighter than the not one at same length. Some cashmere like sweater can bring you good feeling but the weight sells it out.