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How to clean different stains on Cashmere Garment?

Cashmere product is deeply loved by people because of its softness, lightness and good warmth and also because of its expensive price. At the same time, cashmere washing requirement is very high, if we use improper washing methods, it will make the cashmere product lose the original feature and beyond all recognition.

When we get the stains to the cashmere coat, we should wash it immediately. For the juice stain, we can put a dry towel to soak in the hot water, then twist to dry and cover in the juice dirt to suck up. For coffee or tea stains, we can just put a dry towel to suck up the stains. This is the easiest way to clean the cashmere coat.

If the stain still leaves after above cleaning, we can use the cloth with small neutral detergent to scrub, when scrubbing, please pay attention that we should take a dry towel to pad in the bottom of the cashmere coat. And we must use wet towel use clean the detergent then use dry towel to scrub.

If you do not have time to clean the stains immediately but need to clean after several hours, you can use the wet cloth with some hot water to pat the cashmere coat. The 80% stains can be cleaned out. Then use the cloth with some neutral detergent to scrub, please notice that do not put more detergent. This is one of the washing methods to clean the cashmere product.

For those stains that do not easy to clean, we can use the cloth with some lemon juice or vinegar to clean, because only the acid can clean the pigment that settled after some time. If there are still some stains that cannot be cleaned easily, we should use the cloth with neutral detergent to scrub again and again. But please do not forget that, using the clean water to wash the detergent.

Most people do not know what the difference is between detergent and neutral detergent. The neutral detergent is the genetic terms when used the concentration shows neutral synthetic detergent, such as the laundry detergent we usually see. From now on, we suggest you using neutral detergent to clean cashmere products. It will show that using neutral detergent to wash in the label of the garments.

The problem has been solved now. But we should keep clean when wearing the cashmere product, do not pick up some stains, but if picking up by accident, it still has some methods to solve.