the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Group: Standout key-players in global finest yarn supply

When excellence becomes the primary goal of its activities and quality goes in hand in hand with the meters of yarn produced, there are very few business groups that can be selected to play the leading role in this sector.

And if we consider that the company in question generates more than 10% of the world’s production of cashmere, supplying the major top-class international brands, the absolute leader in the export of high-end yarns can only belong to the latter.

We are talking about Consinee, the biggest industrial manufacturing group in China, the market leader in the sector of luxury yarns, specializing in the spinning and dying of worsted and semi worsted wool, and in the latest generation yarns and polymer fabrics.

A ball of wool as big as gig as the world could not contain the amount of yarns made by them, which boasts a production capacity of 5,000 tons per years in addition to the 7,000 tons of dyed fibers.

Founded in 2000, Consinee has a few years been able to sustain the highest quality standards in terms of industrial know-how thanks to the project of a fully automated and computerized mew factory, developed with made in Italy technology, aimed at strengthening and improving the process of dyeing fibres, and thus being able to meet any customer requirements and significantly implement the range of colors available.

For the spring –summer 2016 season, the inspiration of Consinee new collection is devoted to lightness: a lightness that we find firstly in the weight of the fluffy yarns, but that explains itself equally as well in the selection of desaturated colors and the luminous, semi transparent aspects of deluxe cashmere.

Melange blends in pastel tones, marine stripes, fresh, crystalline nuances reminiscent of the fluid motion of the waves and liquid surfaces dictate the guidelines for next season’s trends.

The successful meeting between technology and creation, innovation and attention to style represents the true hallmark of the production by Consinee, the company that has chosen to dress the world, painting it all with its own colorful yarns.