the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The reason why Consinee choose Linen Material from French

Consinee brand yarn is well-known for its superior quality and not only cashmere yarns but also many other types natural fiber yarns, such as wool yarns, silk yarns, cotton yarns, linen yarns and so on. Like Consinee linen yarns, the quality is exactly superior for the material from French.

Consinee choose Linen material from French because it is so precious and superior.French Linen is also well-known in the world for its high quality. French Linen benefits from its Ideal climate and geographical environment, the rain and sunshine, suitable temperature and humidity, soil and slope, especially in the Northern of French.

French Linen is soft, smooth and superior to other kind of linen material. Compared to China Mainland Linen, French Linen has less linen knot and so it is more suitable for making knitted clothing.  That is the reason why Consinee choose Linen Material from French. Consinee continuously makes innovation in French linen material applicaton, color assortment and yarn shape by considering the fashion trend.

Consinee selects and uses the best French Linen Material to spin superior linen yarns. Annually, Consinee purchase massive and best French Linen Material to meet whole Linen Yarn Series Production demand and reward more and more customers.