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What can you do to repair moth hole in cashmere or wool sweater?

Maybe you never go noticed the existence of moth until you find some holes in your sweet cashmere or wool clothing, for example, sweaters. You might be rich and just replace the piece of cashmere or wool sweater. But for a fine sweater, repairing the moth whole really is worth the effort, especially if the sweater has special meaning for you beyond just fashion and ever cost so much.
Moth-eaten cashmere or wool sweater can be difficult to fix, and it even cannot be, if holes are one by one. But it is oftentimes salvageable with a little talent or ingenuity if not that worst.
Mending a cashmere or wool sweater is a professional skill that requires more practice, time and patience than other kind of clothing. And in most cases, you have to seek for help from the professional sweater repair shop.
At a repair shop, you should get quotation on having the item repaired firstly, and the cost will be often determined by the size, quantity and material of the holes that need to be repaired, as well as how long it will be taken to repair the holes.
For a better experience, you should ask to see samples of the company's work prior before making the deal. If possible, you can also ask for a list of references in order to contact prior customers regarding their experiences.
If you cannot find a reliable sweater repair shop, you can contact with the shop that you buy from. Some cashmere clothing shops often have good after-service although it is not free to repair.