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How to store cashmere sweaters better before summer coming?

Cashmere sweaters keep us warm in the winter and it should be carefully stored when you do not need to wear them, especially before summer coming. There are three tips about how to store cashmere sweaters better.

Tips 1 Wash all your cashmere sweaters and keep them dry before storing. Noted that do not hang them and just flatwise put them into storage.

Tips 2 Identify cashmere sweaters to be stored and do not mixed with other kinds of different material clothing. The material of the clothing should be indicated by the garment label if you aren't sure. However, new cashmere sweaters and old ones should be not in the same storage. Some vintage cashmere knitwear needs moth-proofing storage methods anyway, because it's old.

Tips 3 Store cashmere sweaters with mothproof agent, but we must pack several layers of paper on the mothproof agent. Do not directly contact the cashmere sweater to prevent fading or deterioration.