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Why do we say the selection of yarn for knitwear clothing design is very important?

As known to all, the knitwear clothing design is an important part of the enterprise production to organize.
The knitwear clothing design goes through both the upstream and downstream industrial chain resources. It should be in accordance with the trend of the popular style and color in the sales area, including the requirements of climate and market; it should consider the practical production conditions, especially the equipment capacity; and it must choose the most suitable yarn material to meet the demand of the whole design and this step is one of several key points.
In fact, the quality and properties of the yarn material determine the types of knitwear and so the designer must choose it first after considering comprehensive conditions above. So the selection of yarn material for knitwear design is really very important.
At the beginning of knitwear clothing design, the designer need to combine with the yarn material category, production condition and product trends; and that is to say, not only the cost of clothing production, but also the performance of high-grade yarn materials that can play, and the most important point is whether it can create more value to meet the demands of consumers.