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The Advantages of Cashmere that maybe you do not know

Cashmere is high quality and meanwhile maybe all of you deeply noted its high price. You need to take care of it and it will last even longer and is worth every money spending. And there are many advantages of cashmere that maybe you do not know.
Firstly, moisture absorption and keep dry, warm in winter and cool in summer. Cashmere can absorb water vapor more than 35% of its weight and hold no moist, and quickly rule the water vapor out, so that it can keep warm and dry in cold season, breathable and cool when hot.
Secondly, fluffy and soft and not harden. Cashmere has at least 40% natural elasticity and it can be restored to 90% of the original thickness after pressing.
Thirdly, naturally flame retarding, safe and reliable. Cashmere is not easy to ignite and when comes to burning, it is also not easy to release a lot of heat, no open flame, no melting. It can withstand severe burning, so it is very safe.
Fourthly, it is dustproof and resist electric, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. The hygroscopicity of cashmere is very strong, not easy to produce static electricity, so that dust and dirt is not easy to be attached on it.
Fifthly, cashmere has good health care effects. Cashmere fiber contains 17 kinds of rich amino acids and cashmere clothing can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation. So it is suitable for babies, rheumatism patients, asthma patients and the elderly.