the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The cashmere imitation will be persistent hot selling in recent years

As the previous article said, the 100% acrylic (imitated cashmere) gets an excellent dyeing performance than the real cashmere, but it also has no good hygroscopicity and easily electrostatic property that almost all the natural fibers have.
Actually it is far from perfect, but by right of its nice bulkiness and good softness, the 100% acrylic (imitated cashmere) also gets the favor of many people. In fact, if made some improvements in the aspects of physical modification and avoided its shortcomings and the market of its usage will be bigger.
Since 1986, in China, there were a few imported imitated cashmere tops in Shanghai City and it already be tried in wool spinning industry and the knitting industry. And the imitation cashmere sweaters and baby blankets made up of these tops were really popular in that time. Afterwards, the imported imitated cashmere tops were stopped importing because that the price of it has be restricted.

Some foreign investors were optimistic about the market of the 100% acrylic (imitated cashmere) in China, so they provided raw material and set up factories to produce large amounts of the cashmere imitations in the south Jiangsu of China. The price of the cashmere imitation the produced was only 25% of the real cashmere so that it was indeed unprecedented popular. To some extent, it will be persistent hot selling in recent years.