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How to choose product of cashmere yarn?

Generally speaking, cashmere product can be divided into pure cashmere and cashmere blends. By standard of authority cashmere content of product of pure cashmere shall not lower than 95% and cashmere product not lower than 30%, and those lower than 30% cannot be called cashmere product.

The general method of identifying product of cashmere yarn is observing the appearance, weighing in hand, and pinching.

1. Observe the appearance and brand. First you need to choose a brand with good reputation which is the guarantee of good quality. Do not choose a cashmere yarn product without brand, factory site, trademark and cashmere content. Then observe the appearance of the product, good quality cashmere yarn garment has smooth and soft luster, full surface, strong hair sense. Its surface is a layer of fine cashmere fulling, uniform horizontal and vertical coils which is more obvious in bright light.

2. weigh it in hand, when purchasing cashmere product you should weigh it in hand, because Cashmere is a very soft fabric, lighter than wool, so when buying the products you can weigh it in hand, this is a simple method of distinguishing cashmere and wool products.

3. Grab by hand. High quality cashmere sweater is fluff, soft and elastic, and has excellent flexibility, so you can grab and then release it to observe its resilience, which is both a method to verify its authenticity, and also a way to identify their advantages and disadvantages.