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How to correctly wash cashmere sweaters?

Cashmere sweaters are favored by many ladies for its superior quality, but it is easy to get pilling, also deformation characteristic that is also quite a headache problem. There are six tips that work well.

Firstly, put the cashmere sweater inside out, with weak water cleaning. Pay attention to wash it gently and do not rub, not twist.
Secondly, use neutral detergent solution to soak cashmere sweater, with cold water. In order to avoid the alkaline residue on the clothes, you can add a few drops of vinegar into the water, so that the color of the fiber is bright, soft texture, and shiny.
Thirdly, after washing, first to use your hand to pressure the water out, and then wrap up it with dry cloth pressure, you can also use the washing machine dehydration. Pay attention to the sweater wrapped with a cloth to put into the dehydrator; only 2 minute dehydration is ok.
Fourthly, if you do not carefully rub on the dirty things must be immediately clean, so as not to leave traces. With a stain, stay on top of the time longer, is more difficult to be washed off; and time long stains penetrate the fiber, cleaning will energetically friction, so are more likely to cause damage to clothing.
Fifthly, with the hot wet cloth gently to pat, 80% stains can be cleaned. Then, wipe the cashmere sweater with a small amount of neutral detergent. Note that a little detergent is ok, not too much.
Sixthly, for uneasy cleaning stubborn stains, dip it in lemon juice or vinegar and then wash it. Lemon juice and vinegar can wash off the stubborn stains.