the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Group wishes the motherland !

When the Winter Olympic Red Color appeared on the stage in Beijing, Consinee intelligent factory, intelligent dyeing factory, fancy yarn phase II expansion production line is fully opened,meanwhile, the production line is busy. As a practitioner of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation, Consinee Group aims to refine, specialize and create new ideas in traditional industries. Consinee has been devoted to research and development for eight years, inheriting Chinese culture, and create the BOTANICA CASHMERE.

On the way forward to the "two centenary goals", Consinee will continue to promote digital and intelligent transformation and development, adhere to giving back to the society with high quality and excellent service, keep in mind the mission of serving the country with industry, and help the Party and the motherland to move towards the second centenary goal.



The enthusiastic national flag red is the National Day holiday characteristic, visual impact publicity and sexy, and is suitable for suits, dresses, knitwear and other single products.

Lava Falls is a more intense and deep red tone, combined with the modern silhouette, to create a mature and elegant deep red that is more commercially attractive.

Cherry tomato red is a bright red color with orange tones, which can span many styles and has a special expression in both modern ethnic and modern urban styles.




ANIKA -- SPECTRUM creates a multi-color, retro style brushed yarn. It's a mash-up that celebrates the National Day holiday.Colourful space dye yarn brings free, easy, casual style.



FRISBEE's tight and delicate ring shape is soft and elastic, and the combination of ultra-fine merino wool shows a soft and beautiful style.

Charming red and pleasant orange tones, which are rich in color and texture, present the joy of the festival in golden autumn .



CAMEO gives people an optimistic and positive feeling. Joyful and emotional colors render a pure romantic style. CAMEO blends precious alpaca wool and wool to present a soft and comfortable touch, adds colorful dotted yarn, and creates a fuzzy woolen effect through such processes as fulling milling or napping, showing a light retro appearance, which is fashionable, delicate and innovative.


JOSS ECO is a blend of Lenzing™  Ecoverofibers with cotton and linen, adding luxury recycled cashmere fibers to showcase a comfortable, flexible and light form. Newly optimized materials and processes combine tradition and innovation in a hybrid fashion to show the charm of the design.