the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
CONSINEE|Flower Palette from the Great Artist Series


This season's new autumn and winter knitwear ushered in colorful memories. Colorful colors are the emotional aftertaste of the traction line, which conveys the happy atmosphere of the millennium. It is mischievous to get rid of the seasonality and radiates the sunny temperament, setting a gradual emotional rhythm for this season.

The euphoric dopamines add energy in the fall and winter, breaking the rules and gloom of the world. Peace and development remain the themes of our times. The pulsating color dot design conveys positive and optimistic mood.
CASHMERE DONEGAL 2/26nm 100% Cashmere Donegal
Cashmere Donegal adds richly coloured neps to our pure premiere quality cashmere yarn to create a palette of traditional Donegal tweeds that are luxurious to touch and updated to offer a more contemporary range of fashion tweeds.

Consinee is committed to giving artistic color to cashmere yarn, so that each yarn becomes a work of art, bringing the wearer a pleasant experience. The magic of color creates a visual feast, strawberry milkshake, caramel mocha, etc., which brings a little sweetness to winter.

CASHMERE  MARL 6/26nm 100% Cashmere 
Cashmere Marl takes multiple colours from our pure premiere quality 2/26 nm cashmere and twists them together to create new and unexpected colour combinations for a superbly soft chunkier yarn with a tweedy character.

In this season, Consinee illuminates the cold winter with warm colors, and the romantic atmosphere stands out.