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TOPLINE 2023 SS Silk Fancy Yarn


The unique humanistic feelings and decorative characteristics of handicrafts show their treasurable value in the industrial era. A variety of styles, such as national style, natural style and pastoral style, open a more warm and cheerful organic expression in the change of the effect of hand work.


2023 New Silk Fancy Yarn:

DIVINA Nm 5,000     100%Tussah Silk

KEM     Nm 28,000 75%Linen 25%Spun Silk

MEHRI Nm 21,000 75%Rayon Viscose 25%Filament Silk



TOPLINE 23SS promote a range of pure silk and silk blends yarn.Soft, thin and transparent yarn fabrics combine with thick and wear-resistant heavy silk to create a stylish look with a special rough texture.


TOPLINE draws on the spirit of nature, we create high quality silk fancy yarn from 100% precious mulberry silk containing 18 beneficial amino acids.TOPLINE injects green, scientific and fashionable craftsmanship into the yarn to weave the poetry of life.



The silk features a light texture and slim and long fiber, the fabrics made of it are lustrous in color, supple, light, warm and comfortable to wear with lower heat conduction and higher moisture absorption and air permeability, used to weave various silk fabric and satins as well as knitwear.



Based on the yarn of natural silk and mulberry silk , connecting with a variety of novel ways of knitting, these silk blended fancy yarn are modern and fashionable.Elegant flouncing and layers hide the figure inside the soft lines, stable, leisurely, but not too much exaggerated; the flowing and fluent lines full play to the delicacy and elegance of the urban ladies.