the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn

CONSINEE Automation 3.0 to Intelligence 4.0

From Automation 3.0 to Intelligence 4.0, with the goal of making the traditional industry more sophisticated, specialized and innovative, CONSINEE Group has cooperated with Siemens to build the world's first intelligent, informationized, digital and unmanned "black light" wool textile industry chain factory, leading the development of China's wool textile industry.


Consinee Group knows that every precious cashmere fiber is hard won, and it is the generous gift of nature. Our philosophy is to protect the earth, protect the ecological environment, and actively produce environment-friendly yarn. Whats more, Consinee use recycled fiber materials to create recycled yarn to reduce waste and protect the environment.


Nm 2/26  60%Recycled Cashmere 40%Cashmere

Integro has been created using the perfect proportion of recycled cashmere with virgin cashmere to achieve a beautifully soft, strong, lofty yarn that you would expect from pure cashmere, offering a more sustainable alternative without compromising on luxury.


Nm 2/26  55%Recycled Wool 30%Extrafine Merino Wool 15% Recycled Cashmere

Renovo is a superior woollen blend using a finely balanced combination of recycled wool and cashmere with the additional richness from extra fine merino. The result is a warm and supremely soft yarn that is not only insulating and luxurious but also helps to reduce production waste.

• SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE- we produce 200 to 500 tons of high grade natural recycled yarns annually

• ORGANIC AND TRACEABLE- initiating special breeding programs in China to make organic and traceable cashmere possible

• GREEN AND ECO-FRIENDLY - pioneering new production processes to use green energy and implement energy recycling

• ANIMAL PROTECTION - conscientiously caring for animal welfare and the protection of grazing pastures

Since the world resources of raw materials are limited, we believe being able to offer a high quality recycled cashmere range of yarns is an essential step in the sustainable direction for Consinee Group.

As to be expected from the recycling process despite careful monitoring and testing it is not possible to prevent the inclusion of a very small amount of other fibres including fluorescents in our recycled cashmere. This is an accepted part of the circular process, very minimal and does not impact the quality in any way.