the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
CONSINEE|Cashmere Art


From the dimension of material and art, Consinee improves the quality of luxury cashmere yarn.

Cool and comfortable silk with warm and soft cashmere, bring a mild and bright summer comfort.



2/60nm 85%Silk 15%Cashmere Worsted

The SAMARKAND yarn is as light as air and as spongy as clouds.

Silk cashmere blended yarn can have the natural luster of mulberry silk, meanwhile ,it also has cashmere luxury soft.



2/48nm 85%Silk 15%Cashmere Semi-Worsted

Silky & Soft

Delicate mulberry silk and luxurious soft cashmere show the delicate fabric.The surface of fabric made of it is smooth and comfortable.



2/52nm 70%Silk 20%Mer.Wool 10%Cashmere Semi-Worsted

Elegant & Misty

The soft combination of mercerized wool and cashmere, the natural luster of mulberry silk, and the extreme drape touch deduce luxurious spring and summer knitwear


Silk and cashmere are gifts from nature to human beings. As the first choice of skin-tight fabric in summer, it is flexible in softness, and interprets the natural philosophy in wearing and matching.