the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Plastic - free Ocean / CONSINEE 23 AW Recycled Nylon



CONSINEE has always placed great importance and emphasis on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability.

In Topline and ICCI new collections, We try to recycle old fishing nets from deep sea and process them into nylon fiber through high-tech ways. Recycled polyester fiber is blended with high-quality natural ingredients to produce exquisite yarns that reduce marine pollution and are truly sustainable.

Natural Fiber& High quality material

At CONSINEE we use the very best superfine alpaca and wool , combined with recycled polyester fiber in our yarns. The luxury, beauty and exceptional warmth of yarn is unrivalled and immediately recognizable due to its’ unique qualities of lustre, lightness, durability and softness creating a wonderful knitwear wearing experience .

Joyful and perceptual colors bring a pure romantic style. Peach pink and effervescent green blend,which brings the delicate elegance with clarity and cleanness perfectly.

Green creation & Sustainable environmental protection

Organic & recycled materials have always been the focus of Consinee .In MELODIE, we add the LENZINGECOVEROviscose composition to improve the draping, slippery and waxy feeling of cloth. It blends with RWS wool, so as to attract more consumer groups who pay attention to health protection.

Freedom feeling

Handmade materials and functional nylon create a rough retro yarn effect. The carefully designed thick yarn combine with the hank technology , which presents a more relaxed and breathable visual impression. It can make you feel free and relax.