the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Meeting the organic yarn in 22 SS

With the people increasingly concern about the environmental protection and sustainability deeply , Consinee organic cotton and organic linen transform into a new style, awakening the most authentic return to the ecology with the original texture and rendering through urbanization, releasing a fashion atmosphere.

Organic Cotton and Linen

The benefits of farming cotton and linen organically is that the harmful impact of pesticides to the land and waterways is eliminated and therefore soil fertility and biodiversity is increased.

Organic producers have worked hard to improve practices of controlling water usage and minimise both contamination and excess wastage to preserve valuable water supplies.

By following these practices using organic raw materail is better for the environment but also better for the wearer next to skin.

Consinee keeps up with the prevailing trend ,and develops a range of organic yarns.

There are some our 22 SS Star organic products,as below:

1)ABRANm 4,50085%Organic Cotton, 15%Polyamide Fiber

It is not only 3D three-dimensional sense with overlapping appearance, but also quickly dry,so the fabric is the cool hand feeling.

2) ALORANm 33,00085%Organic Linen, 15%Polyamide Fiber

The unique natural texture of organic linen combines with the Nylon ,which results of the fabric with the touching sense of smooth and crisp. It is not only easy cleaning, but also its cool peculiarity refreshes a comfortable enjoyment .

3) CLEA Nm 21,00055%Organic Linen,45%RWS Wool

The extrafine RWS wool combines the Organic linen to make the fabric soft and cool.

The soft touching feeling and the strong natural texture brings you a wonderful feeling in wear .

4) ODA Nm 47,00091%Organic Cotton, 9%Polyamide Fiber

It is a novel knot yarn. A large proportion of Organic Cotton combines with the small amount of nylon to make the fabric elastic and tridimensional . Meanwhile ,it touches super soft , delicate and looks gorgeous , youthful.

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