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Consinee Raccoon Yarn

Raccoon is also known as badger, and it is a member of the mammalian ,carnivora family, canidae, Raccoon has a habit of half hibernate.Raccoon looks like a fox, and its body size is smaller than the fox ,with the features of fat and short body,short and thin limbs, fluffy tail hair.The back hair is black brown or brown yellow, and the tip hair of the needle is black.With the characteristics of long and thin hair,hairy stomach, fine and soft fur, excellent wear resistance , a strong luster wool,so raccoon  has a strong heat retention capacity.

Raccoon fiber hair is the inner layer hair of raccoon.And it is a kind of high quality and rare natural animal fiber,with the advantages of delicate and flocky hair,fine and long fibers,comfort and warmth.Every girl wants to have a raccoon sweater. With the rapid pace of modern life, we buy more and more various clothes to satisfy with our requirements. However, less is more, Consinee pursues the high life, the sweaters made from raccoon yarn are not only fashionable ,abut also it makes your personal wardrobe more space.

Raccoon, Ringtail, Trapper and Shadow are a collection of combed raccoon fibre blends that boast the unique qualities of superb softness and fine, silky surface hair to create lofty and warm yarns with an elegant drape and luxurious hand feel.

There are some high quality Consinee raccoon yarn for your good ref.

TRAPPER   2/26Nm  80% Racoon 20% Nylon

RACCOON   2/20Nm  100% Racoon

RINGTAIL   2/20Nm  70% Racoon 30% Cashmere

SHADOW SINGLE1/16Nm  30% Racoon 30% Mer.Wool 40% Nylon

SHADOW DOUBLE2/16Nm  30% Racoon 30% Mer.Wool 40% Nylon