the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Baby Cashmere

At CONSINEE we use only the very best premium natural fibres in our all our yarns, with cashmere the core of our collection.The luxury, beauty and exceptional warmth of cashmere is unrivalled and immediately recognizable due to its' unique qualities of lustre, lightness, durability and softness creating a superior elegance for knitwear.

Consinee values tradition and heritage very highly, working closely in partnership with experienced goat herders, whilst also embracing innovation using modern dyeing and manufacturing processes to create exceptional colours, effects and weights with all our yarns.

PROVENANCE uses pure baby cashmere offering an unrivalled quality cashmere in our yarn collection. Expertly spun using only the precious fibre derived from a kid cashmere goat before it reaches 12 months old.

Unique to China, this fibre is humanely collected from the shoulders and flanks of the kid goat yielding an average micron of 13-14um and a fibre length of 34-36mm, making it noticeably softer, warmer and more luxurious than any other cashmere fibre available.

Baby cashmere production is concentrated in the grasslands in the western area of Inner Mongolia. It is a very rare and highly sought after fibre due to the yield of one goat being only 30 grams whilst it is young, and the region generating no more than 50 tons per annum. This scarcity of fibre combined with its sublime quality has allowed baby cashmere to redefine the meaning of ultimate luxury for yarn.