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Raccoon Yarn

Raccoon is also known as badger, and it is a member of the mammalian ,carnivora family, canidae, Raccoon has a habit of half hibernate.Raccoon looks like a fox, and its body size is smaller than the fox ,with the features of fat and short body,short and thin limbs, fluffy tail hair.The back hair is black brown or brown yellow, and the tip hair of the needle is black.With the characteristics of long and thin hair,hairy stomach, fine and soft fur, excellent wear resistance , a strong luster wool,so raccoon  has a strong heat retention capacity.

Raccoon fiber hair is the inner layer hair of raccoon.And it is a kind of high quality and rare natural animal fiber,with the advantages of delicate and flocky hair,fine and long fibers,comfort and warmth.

Consinee group promotes a series of raccoon yarn,as following:

RACCOON :Nm2/20 100% racoon

Flat knitting machines 7 gauge 1ply.

Pure raccoon fabric touches very light and skin- friendly, like clouds.

Its surface has a kind of foggy feeling ,resulting from its ulmost long hair.The sweater made by racoonlooks not only very gorgeous,but also brings us a warm and comfortable feeling.

RINGTAIL NM2/20  70% racoon 30% cashmere

Flat knitting machines 7 gauge 1ply.

The yarn combines the wonderful features of cashmere and raccoon,creating  an unparalleled sense of comfortable hand feeling.

TRAPPER  NM2/26  80% Racoon 20% Nylon

Flat knitting machines 9 gauge 1ply.

Compared the pure raccoon yarn,the series of yarn feels lighter .Of course, the price of TRAPPER is cheaper.It is a cost-effective product.

SHADOW:NM1/16 30%racoon30% Mer.Wool 40%nylon

Flat knitting machines 9 gauge 1ply.(SHADOW SINGLE NM1/16)

Flat knitting machines 7 gauge 1ply.(SHADOW DOUBLE NM2/16 )

SHADOW is composed by Racoon,Mer.Wool and nylon.So it has the softness of raccoon fiber, the smoothness of merino wool and the elasticity of nylon, which is greatly suitable for the bottoming shirt in autumn and winter.