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Have you received the color trends of 2020/21AW?

The popularity of design is a kind of samsara,and the fashion of color is no exception.What is different from previous years is it combines the typical summer tones with the cold winter,which making the autumn and winter clothing more hale and  more urbanized.Will you have the joy of ice and fire?

The wonderful nature creates the colorful world,and many colors are even more striking in the sun.

Consinee group promotes the AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,including 135 color number,which satisfied with your all need.


(Bright marigold yellow)

Bright marigold yellow is a bright and lively color ,it is widely used in each area due to its color positive and purity high.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25354.


(Rio red)

Rio red has a kind of special reserved temperament in nature,it is updated the berry color with a fresher shade of red in  2020/21AW. The hue that taken the place of the darker blues and purples evolved from the previous winter,with the full retro temperament.

In AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere yarn color cards,there isnt the Rio red at present,but we can customize your special color by panton


(The blue palace)

The blue palace ,as the seasonal color,brings a strong update of supersaturation to the blue tone in North America,standing out the significance of a classical joker.Palace blue has unique dual characteristics, both natural and artificial texture,with a magical strength.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25805.


(Jungle green)

Jungle green has the oxidizing freshness ,meanwhile,it also indicates that people are increasingly concerned about environmental protection and sustainable development.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25256.


(Pink rose)

Pink rose,with a shade of gray, will become the key color of AW 2020/21,which balances the high bright color.This tonal has a matte simple sense, sending out the pure and fresh feeling.Whats more, pink  rose appears more mature , which builds plain dreamy fundamental key.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color# MC-27045.


(Lilac purple)

Lilac purple combines blue to purple,with a strong feminine feeling,which also be marketed as a neutral color.Because the Lilac purple makes the concept of masculine and feminine more vacillate, this colour shows a full-bodied neuter charm.It has another sweet name,called the first love color.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25235.



Chilli is well popular in a brand of lipstick,MAC. As a beauty lady,we all know the Chilli is the most hot-sale color No among all the MAC lipsticks.

Consinee group also promotes the Chilli yarn as below:

LEWES NM2/48 70%Cotton 20%Silk 10% Cashmere,color#SW632.


(Sapphire blue)

Sapphire blue is avant-garde in the big blue color family,whose levels with saturation are both classic and modern.It has the retro and dynamic temperament,and it is usually applied to the Luxury styling and practical design.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25609.


(Melon yellow)

Melon yellow appears deeper and softer .In the the color trends of AW 2020/21, with bright and vibrant color, Melon yellow shows different fundamental key.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25805.


(Heather green)

Heather green symbolizes a close connection with nature,and it sends out the natural smell. As a commercial color,Heather green is very practical in business circles.The first sight I saw this low - saturation green, I was deeply attracted by it.The color is the middle color tone,which plays an emphasis on bright color and foils the role of bright color.It is more suitable for men's clothes than womens clothes.In the market,It's also called eucalyptus green.

AURORA 2/26Nm 100% Royal Cashmere,color#25805.

The color places a significant role in cashmere sweater ,and lots of companies have started to make a sample intensively at present.You will quickly gain the market share if you have an excellent design and a high quality cashmere yarn.Meanwhile ,we supply you popular Pantone color of the season for your good reference.

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